Privacy Policy


We are from eDigiteck to protect your privacy.  It is very important to protect your information or these responsibilities from our sites, so don’t worry. We want from our customers to use our products that your private is not agreements, just only for your protections. 

Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy is applied to the purpose of little information and data collected from your side by eDigiteck like a controller, it will include the proper data with instructions collected on our Website ( It will notify you first to collect your data after the allow, then only we collect all information, and in your mind comes first doubt that’s How we collect your data? We will collect your from notification alert first then you should select the allow then we collect information, receive, store, use. Share, transfer and process your information. If in any case you don’t agree to choose, allow them with the data practices we described you in the privacy policy, or you should use our websites.

Data Collections From other side:

This personal information which we collect from other sides has a limited purpose  from your email. With additional little information we keep for as long as your personal account is to be active or in that duration we have complied with the legal process or should not be distrubed from the other side. At last one thing i want to say is to keep trust from us or we will not share your personal information with other members, only keep your privacy. 

If we use Cookies?

We can Cookies only small files which is a service provider, works to do data transfer to your computer’s hard drive through our site eDigiteck Browser that enables the sites or services or you should allow your browser to accept and capture and remember your data and personal information. All Businessman websites generally use cookies for your users’ privacy. eDigiteck is also using cookies for your privacy, to keep records in his text files and compile your agreements data about the traffic which came form your sides so that it can offer better opportunities, best tools to offer to your future planning. Our service providers are not able to use the data which collected or helps us to conduct or improve our websites business.

Third Parties URL:

It may include the third party products or services on our eDigiteck websites. Our third party sites keep separate and dependent policies. However no responsibility or liability for the content activity from these linking sites. eDigiteck protect his integrity of our websites and great to welcome of our eDigiteck ( Or give me Feedback about our products or services on this site.

Security Purpose:

eDigiteck is takes all important actions to keep your information about data secure. The authorised staff and related other member companies staff have the personal access of emails to your information. We are here to protect the data from your browser. eDigiteck collects a security IT network and measures access to authority changes.

Any Enquiries:

If you have some doubts or came a new questions related our privacy policy so please contact us immediately at

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time, but AdGaem will not reduce your rights under this policy without your consent.